Frequently Asked Questions

Will my item tarnish?

While we use the highest quality 316L stainless steel and 18k plating all metal will eventually tarnish. Stainless steel is the best tarnish resistant metals in comparison to other metals. The best way to stop this is the look after your items.

Citrus-based liquids and perfumes will damage your items.

Engraving Color

All of our custom products use the latest laser engraving systems. We have tested our products to find the best engraving settings. Stainless steel engraving varies from black/dark engraving while Matt black varies from silver to brown. The engraving can look grey in some conditions. Lighting does affect the legibility of the engraving.

What are the sizes?

All sizes for each item is specified in the product description

Can I choose a
different font for engraving?

No, our fonts are chosen based on their simplicity and popularity. To uncomplicate the engraving process we have set designs for our items.

Where is my order?

All our orders are sent using Australia Post.
We understand from time-to-time items may be lost in transit, stolen, or misplaced. Please contact Australia Post first and lodge an enquiry with them.
If that fails please contact us quoting your name, order number and address.

 How long will it take for my item to arrive?

We require 3-5 business days to complete your order. This is very dependent on the time of the year and amount of orders we currently have. Shipping varies depending on destination, state and current shipping delays.

We use Australia Post for all our items.

My Item shows it has been delivered but I have not received it?

We do not refund items that are marked “Delivered”. We will do our best to insure the item has been delivered to the correct address, if it is an error on our part we will give a full refund or send out your item again.

I received the wrong item what do I do?

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and understand how frustrating that can be. Please contact us immediately with your name, order number and if possible a photo and we will make it a priority to send the correct item out to you.

I received my order but noticed a mistake how can I fix this?

Please contact us if we have made a mistake on your item quoting your name and order number. Our team will do our best to fix this.

What type of metal are the cuff link sets?

We use the highest quality 316L Stainless steel.
Be weary of silver cuff links that have a low standard base metal like brass.

What type of metal are the Hip Flasks?

Our Hip Flasks made out of Food grade 18/8 Stainless steel.

How do I maintain my Hip Flasks?

Hip Flasks are never to be washed in a dishwasher as the chemicals will ruin the finish. They are made only for alcoholic drinks and you should avoid beverages with acid content such as fruit juices, cordial and carbonated water. You should always rinse the inside every time before use and not keep alcohol in the flask longer than a period of days.

Follow these simple rules and your hip flask should last a long time.

Are the Leatherette Hip Flasks real leather?

No. They are synthetic leather and contain no animals by-products. Leatherette engraving is multi-layered which results to a clean, sharp engraving with color contrast, the results which cannot be done with real leather.

Can I change the color of my pendant to the color of the necklace?

No the items are sold as sets. Would you really want to?


What is the base medal of the pendants?

Stainless steel with 18k Gold, Rose-Gold plating. Black plating for the Black Pendant.